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Dog Health Tips for Keeping Your Dog Feeling Younger

  1. Keep a slim figure, with a noticeable, tucked-up waist. Dog Age Benefit: 1.8 years younger.
  2. Chew teeth-cleaning chews or biscuits and have his/her teeth brushed 3 times per week. Dog Age Benefit: 6 months younger.
  3. Avoid people food as much as possible. Dog Age Benefit: 6 months younger.
  4. Get his/her vaccinations and visit the veterinarian for regular checkups. Dog Age Benefit: 6 months younger.
  5. Take his/her medications as prescribed by the veterinarian, if applicable. Dog Age Benefit: 3 months younger.
  6. Eat only the amount of dog food necessary to maintain an ideal body condition, measured with a standardized measuring cup, and monitor body condition regularly. Dog Age Benefit: 1.8 years younger.
  7. Exercise or play actively at least 3 times per day for at least 15 minutes each time. Dog Age Benefit: 6 months younger.
  8. Be trained to respond to commands most of the time. Dog Age Benefit: 1.3 years younger.
  9. Be safe in the yard, on walks, and on trips by using protective barriers and gear such as fences, leashes, and dog carriers. Dog Age Benefit: 6 months younger.
  10. Be happy! Dog Age Benefit: 6 months younger.

Cat Health Tips for Keeping Your Cat Feeling Younger

  1. Keep your cat safe and secure inside your home at all times. Cat Age Benefit: 6.1 years younger.
  2. Make sure your cat has a proportional figure, with slightly padded ribs and a distinct waist. Cat Age Benefit: 2.5 years younger.
  3. Give your cat dental treats and at-home dental care and cleaning regularly. Cat Age Benefit: 8 months younger.
  4. Ensure your cat avoids people foods as much as possible. Cat Age Benefit: 8 months younger.
  5. Visit the veterinarian on a regular basis and have your cat's vaccinations up-to-date. Cat Age Benefit: 8 months younger.
  6. Follow your veterinarian's instructions for any medication prescribed for your cat. Cat Age Benefit: 4 months younger.
  7. Give your cat kitty treats only occasionally. They should account for no more than 10% of his or her total daily diet. Cat Age Benefit: 2.5 years younger.
  8. Have a variety of feline-friendly toys available and encourage your cat to play for at least 15 minutes per day. Cat Age Benefit: 8 months younger.
  9. Travel with your cat in a protective cat carrier. Cat Age Benefit: 1.8 months younger.

Funniest Things You Hear From Clients With Matted Animals

  1. He had his head out of the window on the way here.
  2. The ceiling fan was making her itchy.
  3. (My favorite!) He was all brushed out but on the way here, someone cut me off & I had to slam on the brakes and he went rolling onto the floor of the car. It must have happened then.
  4. When she sits down the hair on the back of her legs gets sort of creased.
  5. The following humor was submitted by Paintedjmpr...
  6. What's a matt?
  7. I thought it was just dirt.
  8. I left him at my brother / mother / sister / daughter / parents etc...house for a few days and he came back like this.
  9. It was really windy yesterday.
  10. Those are matts? I thought his ears were fat.
  11. I thought this breed was supposed to have hair like this.
  12. Don't matts just shed out?
  13. But he doesn't LIKE to be brushed.
  14. He didn't have matts until he went out and rolled in the grass.
  15. I thought dogs groomed themselves, you know, like cats.
  16. The following was submitted by Charmaine...
  17. But I've been brushing him everyday (Yes the top coat with a polishing brush).
  18. I bath him/her every week (just forget to use a comb or brush as well).
  19. The breeder told me to get a shedding comb and I haven't been able to get one.
  20. Do I have to use a comb as well?
  21. I can only afford to get my dog clipped once or twice-a-year.
  22. I'm a pensioner and that's just how he gets.
  23. We moved house, got married, got divorced, got sick, got unemployed...
  24. Shih Tzu's are just yard dogs.
  25. The kids aren't interested in them anymore.
  26. The puppy bites me.
  27. The puppy bites the brush.
  28. The brush HURTS him.

Flea Battles

If you've been battling fleas on your dog it's time to stop the battle. Elli and Granny has their own special recipe so get your dog in today so we can help you stop the battle. Your dog will require a bath with the flea treatment to insure the product is effective. It's 99.9% effective and lasts for 30 days. We do not share our recipe with anyone else. Sorry, it is our own flea treatment we have developed for our shop only.

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